-gourmet salad platters-

-ahi tuna nicoise-
seared sushi grade tuna, skinny green beans,
hard-cooked eggs, nicoise olives, grape tomatoes,
mixed lettuces, new potatoes & dijon vinaigrette
-chopped vegetable-
romaine hearts, red pepper, yellow squash,
zucchini, crispy red onion, cucumber, carrot
& parmesan-peppercorn vinaigrette
-roasted beet-
organic lettuces, roasted baby beets,
panko-crusted goat cheese,
spiced pecans & citrus vinaigrette
-chopped cobb-
grilled chicken breast, avocado,
apple wood bacon, hard-cooked eggs,
scallion, maytag blue cheese,
plum tomato & dijon vinaigrette
-grilled vegetable-
organic baby arugula, red peppers, sweet corn,
red onion & goat cheese vinaigrette
bibb lettuce, kalamata olives,
feta cheese, cucumber, red onion
& oregano vinaigrette
fresh mozzarella, organic grape tomatoes,
basil, herbed olive oil,
sea salt & balsamic glaze
-caesar esque-
hearts of romaine, sun-dried red pepper,
parmesan, herbed croutons
& parmesan vinaigrette
-chopped italian-
bibb lettuce, salami, provolone,
chick peas, kalamata olives, basil,
red onion, plum tomatoes
& italian vinaigrette
-grilled shrimp-
spicy gulf shrimp, baby lettuces,
mango & lime vinaigrette
-iceberg wedge-
maytag blue cheese, crispy onion, grape tomatoes,
shredded carrot & blue cheese dressing

-hand crafted soups-

butternut squash with spiced cream

white bean with organic chicken, apple wood bacon & thyme

organic chicken noodle with vegetables

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