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Cooking Healthy Food Using Locally Sourced & Fresh Ingredients for Drop-off Orders,
Full-service Catering, & Any Events

Butterfield Kitchen
Butterfield Kitchen

Highest-Ranked Catering Company in North Shore Chicago

Butterfield Kitchen is the best-rated catering company in the North Shore, Chicago area. We are providing our services for drop-off orders, full-service catering, and events for over 11 years. Our professional and high-quality catering is focused on

  • Social Gatherings
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Non-Profits
  • Staffing
Butterfield Kitchen
Butterfield Kitchen
Butterfield Kitchen
Butterfield Kitchen
Butterfield Kitchen

The Food

The team at Butterfield Kitchen serves nothing but quality food by

  • Hand-picking the Finest Seasonal Ingredients
  • Sustainably Source Products
  • Getting Meat, Poultry, & Dairy Products From All-natural & Free-ranging Sources
  • Use Wild-caught Seafood With Vegetables From Local Farmers
Butterfield Kitchen

The Chefs

We are a team of passionate chefs that cook with care and precision. We pride ourselves on our organizational skills and punctual services. Our team doesn't like shortcuts, and we ensure everything is great every time.

Butterfield Kitchen

What to Expect

At Butterfield, we use a customer-oriented approach for quality and satisfaction. If you hire our catering services, you will get

  • Courteous & Professional Staff
  • Affordable & Flexible Pricing
  • Helpful & Knowledgeable Chefs
  • Personable & Interactive Services

Green & Healthy Business

We are conscientious within our community and ensure we give as much as we take. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, and we follow several green practices while cooking.

The ingredients used are hormone and antibiotic-free and locally sourced for the healthiest meals. We also partner with local charities and food banks to serve food for the needy.

Butterfield Kitchen

Choose the Finest Catering

Butterfield Kitchen brings the experience and expertise to provide the best catering service in the area. Talk to us about your next event for delicious and healthy food. You will not regret hiring Chicago's finest catering company.

Butterfield Kitchen